The Women Movement

Holiness!….. Unto the Lord

The Women’s Movement is for women in the church. Their main goals are to encourage women to build a strong prayer life so that the women’s role of praying for the church and its leaders could be achieved. To help the women build a strong spiritual family life, to be able to function as good wives and mothers and be shining examples as Christian mothers in society. The women meet to pray for the growth of the church and intercede for the church leaders.

They also study the characters of notable women whose characters are worthy of emulation to enrich their Christian lives.

Other lessons treated at women’s classes are the roles of women in the church and at home; good housekeeping, personal hygiene, raising kids; cooking, nutrition, good grooming, and other domestic issues in their classes. If you’re interested in being a good woman in your community, you are encouraged to join this movement. All females over fifteen years of age are counted as members of this movement.


The Vision and the Mission of the Women Movement:

  1. For the women to be holy in all their living.
  2. For the women to know the scriptures and carry the good news to the unsaved.
  3. To influence their family and home with the good news.
  4. The women are trained and thought to love their husbands.
  5. The women are given the necessary teachings concerning their household chops.
  1. The women are nurtured along with the character of the most faithful and holy women in the bible.
  2. The women are trained to take responsibilities in the church and the environment.
  3. The women render benevolent services to the needy.

Women's Ministry Leaders

Mrs Shiela Mensah

National Women's Leader